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Routine Ground Ball Series

A routine ground ball is any ball that is hit at you, slightly to the right or left, that you can stay to the right of. Fielding direction will be from right to left with your momentum moving back towards your target.

Routine Ground Ball Overview

Routine Ground Ball Overview

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Fielding Position & Footwork:

*Footwook is listed as a right-handed throwing infielder

  1. Feet remain outside of shoulder width apart

  2. Knees bent, hips back, and chest remains flat over knees

    1. Weight is balanced but on balls of your feet

  3. Fielding Position: 18-24 inches out in front of your head to the left of center

  4. Wrist remains flexed back with fingers pointed towards the ground

    1. Maintain flexion in the glove hand and elbow

  5. Fielding Footwork: Move from right to left with momentum moving back towards your target

    1. Shift into left foot while taking right toe to left heel

    2. Bring hands/heel of glove to center

    3. Stride towards target with lead foot – separate hands down to the power position

  6. Restart backside and throw

Routine Ground Ball Hands Routine

This is a progression-based routine focused on all aspects of the routine ground ball. We will work from the ground up focusing on our hand placement and importance of centering the baseball. Next, we will learn to step to the baseball using the correct footwork. There are 6 different progressions throughout our Routine Ground Ball hands routine.